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e-Touch is an online worldwide platform in physiotherapy, pain management, and medical care education for people from all paces of life.

e-Touch promotes physiotherapy and pain management with the joints efforts of online and clinical practice(s) as well education and research.

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Pain Management Consultation

Chronic pain, physical trauma or surgery, treatment program that no longer works, pain getting in the regular daily activities, physical pain with varying intensity and frequency.


Physiotherapy Rehab Program

Deep Dive Optimization for functionality and well-being, to help integrating you back into the lifestyle activities whether at home, work or leisure.



e-techniques based on healthy facts and wellness activities to restore physical daily functionality. We use therapeutic exercise, physical modalities, assistive devices and patient education platforms.


Desk Assessment

Do you suffer from long sitting positions on your desk? And do you spend more than half of your day in your workplace or working from home? Do you have pain after long sitting positions on your desk?


Physical Examination and Treatment Plan

Based on blood pressure, testing of the craniovertebral ligaments, examination of the peripheral nerves, positional testing, and other examinations as needed.


Chest Physiotherapy

As we recover from COVID-19, this e-method supports general mobility and strengthening exercises especially improving the day-to-day function. 


Physical Therapy for Pre and Postpartum Backpain

Treated within the same methodologies as global clinics, we are here to support pregnant women elevate pain before and after pregnancy. 


Emotional Liberation Breathing and Hypnosis

Used as an e-strategy, to intervene on the motor image reconstruction in the patient and in sports, when connecting in the neurological disorders.


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