Telehealth & Onsite Clinic Visits

Telehealth Virtual Visits

Pain Management Consultation

Basic consultation to check-in the status of chronic pain, physical trauma or surgery, inefficient treatment program, pain getting in the way of regular daily activities, also physical pain with varying intensity and frequency.


A combination of techniques based on healthy facts and wellness activities to restore physical daily functionality. We use therapeutic exercises, physical modalities, assistive devices and patient education platforms

Chest Physiotherapy

As we recover from COVID-19, this technique supports general mobility and strengthening exercises specifically improving day-to-day functions. The good news is that more high technologies are unfolding and as we move forward we get to introduce you to new ones right at your door step.

Emotional Liberation Breathing and Hypnosis

Technique to intervene on the motor image reconstruction in the patient and in sports, when connecting in the neurological disorders. This is strongly and scientifically possible to influence the motivation behind the therapeutic process.

  • ELB is a breathing process that increases your ability to feel and resolve the effects of your past. It uses the principles of Rebirthing. The result is an increase in the level of physical energy in our body by cleansing the cumulative tension held there.
  • Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary and alternative medicine in which the mind is used to help with a variety of problems such as breaking bad habits or coping with stress.

Desk Assessment

Do you suffer from long sitting positions on your desk? Do you spend more than half of your day in your workplace or working from home? Do you have pain after long sitting positions on your desk? Feel free to contact one of our physiotherapists to assess your desk and put you in a better position for more efficiency and productivity.

Physiotherapy Rehab Program

Deep Dive Optimization for functionality and well-being, to help integrating you back into the lifestyle activities whether at home, work or leisure.

Physical Examination and Treatment Plan

Based on blood pressure, testing of the craniovertebral ligaments, examination of the peripheral nerves, positional testing, and other examinations as needed; we investigate and create a differentiated treatment plan to bring back enough strength, and a joint range of motion, balance, coordination, walking, posture and functional capacity.

Physical Therapy for Pre and Postpartum Backpain

Treated by following the same methodology of global clinics, we are here to support pregnant women alleviate pain before and after pregnancy.

Facts: around 45% and 75% of pregnant women are said to experience low back pain (LBP) at some point during their pregnancy. It is thought to occur due to hormonal, circulatory and mechanical changes and as a result, the quality of life of the pregnant woman is affected.

We invite you to consult us.

Onsite Visits

E-Touch is a one a kind, first-rate, modern Onsite and Omni polyclinic that takes the patient on a journey across his physical pain and mental struggles all through the final destination of his healing and post treatment follow up.

We are a team of doctors, concerned with your well-being and mapping your journey from A to Z.

CEO Dr. Elie El-Dahdah, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Pain Management Specialist

COO Dr. Jack Ghaya, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Specialist

CSO Ms. Lea Atallah, PMP & Corporate Strategy Specialist

Along with a team of onsite and online practitioners, give you the needed medical care and the curated physical plan to alleviate your pain and make it tolerable until recovery.

Our team also accompanies you beyond the clinic visit by catering an individual plan to each one of you, to teach you how to manage your pain, injuries and trauma post treatment by training you on premises in our unique, top-notch gym and by sending you work out tool boxes to your home.

Our headquarters is located in Lebanon with an affiliation with HAMC (Houston American Medical Clinic) in Qatar. E-Touch is an unparalleled concept and medical business model with the aim and intention of growing globally.

Get in touch with us and consult with our doctors, we would be happy to map out your journey.

Dr. Elie El-Dahdah

Doctor of Physical Therapy – Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Jack Ghaya

Doctor of Physical Therapy – Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Jean-Jacques Yaacoub

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Charbel Dabbal


Dr. Hassan Hamze

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Hanina Abi Nader

General practitioner: Preventive medicine

Nathalie Syriani

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Sandra Kahwaji

Registered Dietitian

Christine Matta

Speech Therapist

Nour Kassis