Lea Atallah


Lea Atallah is a female executive, passionate about QARA Commercial and Medical Care with 9 years of high-tech experience. Including a solid record in quality management systems, and registration projects for all risks of medical devices, IVDs/ biologics, and robotics.
Lea shares her best practices in PMPs, M&As, Corporate Strategic Thinking, Business Compliance, and Trade Compliance. Which allowed her to interact with counterparts in US/Americas, APAC, and EMEA. She builds together with global stakeholders initiatives to deliver solutions across multiple areas. For efficient marketing strategies and processes effectiveness.

She has supported Global DEI and EMEA Leaderships in the excellence delivery of cultural growth and business transformation, with a parallel completion of her EMBA Program at ESCP Business School, where she gets to explore a space of diversity and creativity. Lea’s dedication earned her more than 10 awards for being customer focused and for performing beyond expectations. Not to mention other significant professional achievements listed in the 2021 Med-Tech Women Advocates and moderating in regional events like the 2021 GCC Summit and the upcoming 2022 Afro Summit.

“Dream Bigger” is her personal mantra. This has pushed her to never give up until she co-founded and became the Executive Strategist of E-Touch, a multi-disciplinary polyclinic focused on both onsite and omni (online) services. Lea supports the BOD design their thinking into innovative channels and exclusive pricing strategies.

In her free time, Lea is an active Marathoner having landed the top 3 ranking among women at the Beirut Marathon on November 14, 2021.  She believes that life is a runway and we are walking passengers in this daily marathon, a thing or two she teaches her mentees “I help them create opportunities instead of creating problems, after all effective people are those who overcome the obstacles.”

While Lea Atallah has a great focus on her corporate lifestyle along with writing her book; her other activities include cycling, swimming, and feeding her mind with spirituality, data analytics, brain functionality and entrepreneurial consulting over a soothing cup of coffee.

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